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Bad Bitch of the Week: Cassandra July

kate hudson bitches!!!

Yeah they do!

Yeah they do!


Call me Silicon Barbie baby…..

I need a fan just to do THIS!

Tales from the Dating Jungle: That Guy With Money

Made a video on what girls really think about this holiday. There’s also a list of things girls would LOVE to get in the description section below the video on my youtube page. Trying to hook you guys up! Enjoy. And you’re welcome.

Tales From the Dating Jungle: Hollywood Edition


Two blog posts about dates I had in Hollywood scene filled with “Pretty Woman” wishes and failed champagne dreams:

Bad Bitch of the Week: The Grinch

Toys? Precocious children? Brightly lit Christmas trees? He don’t like ‘em. And he’s gonna do something about it. Because that’s what Bad Bitches do. He will ruin your Christmas and not care. He doesn’t care what anyone else thinks or wants! He is ready to make it rain on your Christmas parade by snatching yo decorations, stomping on yo tree, and breaking all yo toys. He will even gobble up yo cookies for Santa. Because if the Grinch wants to stop Christmas, he will. And he does. (For a little while at least.)

You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch. And that’s why you’re the Bad Bitch of the Week! 

Bad Bitch of the Week: Scrooge McDuck


Scrooge McDuck is the reason why literally swimming through money is on my bucket list. And he stars in my favorite version of “A Christmas Carol”. He loves his money. And he don’t care about anything else! And he will do whatever it takes to get it and keep it!!!!

Who cares if little kids like Tiny Tim don’t have health insurance because their parents work for him? Who cares if his fiancee dumped him because he was busy gettin his cash money? Who cares that he doesn’t wear pants? He doesn’t! Scrooge McDuck is living the American dream of being a 1%-er. Thank you Scrooge McDuck for being an inspiration to business people and grumpy old white, rich men everywhere. You are what coprorate dreams are made of. And that is why you’re the Bad Bitch of the week!

Bad Bitch of the Week: Kathryn Merte


What can I say about Kathryn the Great? A lot really. Textbook Bad Bitch. Scheming, manipulation, boyfriend stealing, and general fucking up the virtues of boys and girls everywhere for amusement and power. But what truly makes her Bad, is that she does whatever it takes to get what she wants. (see previous sentence). She wants to win, win, win no matter what. After being dumped by her boyfriend for another girl, Kathryn proceeds to convince her stepbrother to slutify the new girl. You can’t keep a bad bitch down, especially this one. Cause this bitch will get even, with interest. When her stepbrother falls in love with someone else, and out of love with her, she insults his ego to get him to dump the love of his life. Oh and then dumos him and sends another dude to beat his ass.

For Kathryn, everyone around her are just puppets that she can play with. She and she alone decided who would be with whom, and when. Covertly, of course. It’s no wonder that when her true colors are revealed that she becomes the most hated. Oh, but it was so much fun while it lasted! This is why, Kathryn Merte, you are the Bad Bitch of the week.

Bad Bitch of the Week: Brenda Walsh

imageWe’re going old school, OG Bad Bitch this week! That is the old school of the original “Beverly Hills, 90210”. Brenda Walsh was supposed to be the girl next door from Minnesota (or some middle state) trying to make it in the glamorous, big bad ritzy zip code and compete with the likes of blonde hottie Kelly Taylor and her former model mother. But no, Brenda invented the bitch next door and ended up showing these sophisticated Californian teens a thing or two on how to run things. And yeah, she wins the hottie bad boy and has the popular girls as her BFF’s. And she did all this without losing sight of what was important in life: HERSELF! Brenda gets what she wants, and if she is displeased, you WILL know by her trademark bitchy smirk and accompanying bitchy remark. Here are a few gems for your pleasure:

"He [Steve] drives a corvette. And my ex-boyfriend drives a Porsche. And most of my other friends drive BMW convertibles. They shop on Rodeo Drive and they’re all incredibly shallow, phony, and braindead. Are there any other stupid questions that I can answer?"

Kelly: “Brenda! I am a spring princess!” Brenda: “Kelly, I don’t give a damn.”

Brenda, thank you for living your life as though you are perpetually on PMS. This is why you are the Bad Bitch of the week.